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Coming in January 2010, the new convenience store will be open on the first floor. We will have food, drinks, sandwiches, music accessories like guitar strings, drum sticks, picks, cables, batteries, etc.. Now you won't have to stop playing because you broke a string or cable and you can make sure you have what you need before heading of to your gig at night.

Welcome to the new Drummer's Lounge 2! We are finally open again on the corner of Dover St. and Warren Ave. in Brockton. This time there is no holding back, we have built a state of the art rehearsal complex .

We are now renting rooms by the hour! $10.00 per hour or $150.00 per month for Unlimited* use. We have storage lockers for all your gear so you don't need to take it home and back every time you practice. We have staff on hand the whole time for any assistance for hourly rental members. Call us at 508-942-0534 or click here for more info.
*Unlimited rental restricted to 1 session per day, 3hr maximum session.

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